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We approach our research partnerships using the principle of balance. Our Indigenous Knowledge tradition should be recognized and support research to the same extent as the knowledge and research traditions of our partners.

There is much power in our Ojibway knowledge tradition that is only now becoming acknowledged by the larger society. While many of our ways of gaining understanding and perception are unique to our Ojibway culture, what they allow us to learn can be understood by people of other cultures. Recently, we carried out a research project with archaeologists from Lakehead University in the Whitefeather Forest. Our Elders knowledge of the location heritage sites led to a successful joint project. The researchers were impressed with the knowledge of our Elders about these sites.

This heritage research was undertaken within the framework established by the Whitefeather Forest Research Cooperative. In this project Pikangikum partnered with Lakehead University and Ontario Parks.

The Whitefeather Forest Research Cooperative agreement was signed in 2004 when Pikangikum Elders, leaders and other community members gathered for a feast and celebration with our research partners. The WFRC Agreement embodies the bringing together of different knowledge traditions to support research that in turn supports sustaining the land and the development of new knowledge for the benefit of humanity. Membership in the Whitefeather Forest Research Co-operative is based on agreement on protocols for research in the Whitefeather Forest.

Signatories to the agreement who have recently undertaken or are actively involved in research in the Whitefeather Forest include:

In addition to heritage research, members of the Co-operative have been involved in research on a variety of topics including species at risk and traditional fire and forest management.

The following research products from Whitefeather Forest Management Corporation are available on this site:


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The Whitefeather Forest lies within ancestral lands of the people of Pikangikum First Nation in Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

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